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Getting hired is a sale.

You are supposed to be a sales professional.

Saying that you:

  1. Like the product
  2. Want to be a success
  3. Really want or deserve the job
  4. Need the money
  5. Are a big time closer

Adds up to zero…

Imagine you are with a prospect and you said:

  1. I really admire your company
  2. I need this deal so I can be a big success and get promoted
  3. I want or deserve this deal
  4. I need the money
  5. I’m the top rep in my company

Is that going to get you the sale?

Convince us that you:

  1. Understand the product and position.
  2. Your past training and accomplishments make you a high-probability candidate
  3. Can dedicate consistent hours that add up to 100 dials each and every day
  4. Explain exactly what you can and will do to make sales happen

You may be perfect for the job but if you don’t have time (or won’t make the time) to do those 100 dials day it doesn’t matter. This is like the perfect partner that is already married. It’s easy to have dreams but making them come true always involves strenuous effort, sacrifice and risk.

We have no “easy” money. If that’s what you are looking for keep walking. We have hard money…viable money… Have you ever found that easy money? The stories I hear always end the same and it’s not happily ever after.

There are many less demanding and easier jobs. Jobs that require no technique or finesse. Boring mundane jobs that pay peanuts because that’s what the job is worth.

You want to work with the best? To proudly say that you are part of a new success story? To make the big bucks that always seem just out of reach like a mirage in the desert or a horizon on the ocean… Here it is.

The interview if granted is your audition.

Be ready by preparing.

Questions are welcomed if not already answered on this site.

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