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Resumes That Sell

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Resume Mission

  • A tool to determine your fit and qualifications for a posted job
  • Used to get an interview not a job
  • Must stand-out to be noticed in a crowd
  • Must quickly qualify and sell you
  • Must differentiate you from equally qualified candidates
  • Must go one step further to land you the job

Sample Resume Analysis

  • Short and concise
  • No clutter or distractions
  • Simple standard font all the same size
  • Clearly defined sections indicated in red
  • Contact info at the top for easy reference
  • Summary clearly states what candidate is looking for and expects
  • Experience section emphasizes last real job and omits trivial previous positions
  • This is a resume not a legal disclosure or contract
  • Last job clearly states product and results
  • Does not include photo which may have discrimination implications.
  • Simple language with keywords works good for recruiting software
  • Education follows work experience unless first job out of college
  • Why Me section sells realistically without excess bravado and posturing
  • Availability can mean being selected to meet tight deadlines
  • No fancy graphic design which is ignored by automated screening systems
  • Memorable by being purposeful, bold and confident