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Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is between Sales Job Info a Division of Sales Bounce LLC. (Company) and job seekers (Candidates).

Term. Ongoing unless terminated by either party.
Service Description. We publish complete information on jobs as provided by employers. Resumes are sent to selected employers who decide whether to invite a candiadte for an interview.
Fees. Our service is free for Users.
Opt-In Emails. Candidates will receive occasional emails from Company with job news and program announcements.
Guarantees. No guarantees regarding applicability or specific results for job offers are offered.
Indemnification. Company is indemnified and held harmless for all situations related to discussions and job offers provided by employers and all circumstances afterwards.
Intellectual Property. Company retains all rights and sole ownership of site content including text and posted deals.
Mutual Confidentiality. All information provided to the other that is not public or commonly available will be kept confidential.
Privacy. We do not track site or page visits nor do we provide user data to any third-parties other than selected employers in order to provide requested services.
Termination. We reserve the right to terminate this agreement with or without cause upon written (emailed) notice. Candidates can cancel the service at any time with emailed notice.
Subject to Change. Terms may be changed but will not apply retroactively.
Disputes. Resolution will be by mediation (unless mutually waived) and then binding arbitration both using impartial services selected by Company and with the party initiating any action paying all fees. Candidate agrees not to post negative reviews on or offline and to abide by decisions made during dispute resolution.